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With reference to Council Regulation (EC) No 1967/2006 concerning management measures for the sustainable exploitation of fishery resources in the Mediterranean Sea and calling for the creation of Fishing Protected Areas

and considering that fisheries management measures within "Natura 2000 sites" are possible under the Common Fisheries Policy

we recommend that the following urgent action is taken within this Natura 2000 Site:


Strict enforcement of national legislation and of Council Regulation 1967/2006, and appropriate penalties for illegal fishing.
Immediate temporal restrictions on purse seining and trawling, to ensure that these fisheries are fully sustainable and do not harm the ecosystem and its biodiversity, as well as endangered dolphin populations (either directly or indirectly). In addition to existing regulations, purse seining should only be allowed from May to October, trawling from November to March.
Prompt implementation of the ban of beach seining by May 31st, 2010, as demanded by Council Regulation 1967/2006. Beach seining is known to devastate ecosystems and has been banned in most EU Countries.

Adoption of larger mesh size for all bottom-set nets than what is being used by coastal fishermen (current practice is 20-22 mm knot-to-knot minimum), in order to increase selectivity.

Current fishing capacity in the Natura 2000 area should not increase.
Restrictions on recreational fishing, which should be carefully regulated to minimise impact on the ecosystem, according to the available scientific evidence.