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The Mediterranean harbor porpoise


Some decades ago the harbour porpoise was considered extinct in the Mediterranean Sea. Since 1997 ten strandings (two live) have been recorded in a limited area of the northern Aegean Sea and particularly in its north-eastern part (Thracian Sea). Six skin samples that were analysed so far for mtDNA showed the relatedness of the Aegean porpoises with the Black Sea population, but do not exclude (and may actually indicate) an isolation from it. In addition, the recorded strandings occurred year round and included all age classes, also indicating that the Aegean harbour porpoises are likely to belong to a very small resident population. The analysis of six more samples is pending.

Since 2007, three more specimens were found stranded (one along the Turkish coasts of the Aegean Sea). These last strandings suggest an expansion of the known range of the subspecies (P. phocoena relicta) further south, at both the west and east coasts of the Aegean Sea.

On March 9th, 2008, one more stranding was recorded in the suburbs of Athens (Vouliagmeni), some 250 nautical miles south of the northern Aegean and Thracian Seas. The reasons behind this sudden appearance of harbour porpoises in southern and warmer seas are still unknown.

The harbour porpoise is rare in the Aegean Sea and both the Aegean and Black Sea sub-populations have been proposed to be listed as "Endangered" by a joint ACCOBAMS-IUCN workshop in 2006.

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