Various education, public awareness and capacity building events are organized at the Losinj Marine Education Centre in Veli Losinj, Croatia. The Centre is managed by Blue World.

'Dolphin Days' and other events dedicated to the conservation of local dolphin populations are organized regularly or occasionally in several Mediteranean areas, normally in the summer.

Examples include:

A Dan Dupina (Dolphin Day) has been organized annually since 1993 in Veli Losinj, on the island of Losinj, Croatia. More information can be found on web site of the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation.

A Festa del Delfino (Dolphin Feast) has been organized annually since 2002 in Lacco Ameno, on the island of Ischia, Italy. More information can be found on web site of Delphis - Mediterranean Dolphin Conservation.

Various Dolphin Days were organized over the past years in western Greece (villages of Vonitsa, Paleros, Mytikas) by the Tethys Research Institute.

Dolphin events called My, Your, Our Dolphins have been also organized since 2005 in Slovenia by Morigenos.