Making the Mediterranean Sea a safe and healthy home for cetaceans.



1) To achieve the banning and removal of fishing gear causing the mortality of cetaceans (e.g. driftnets) and preventing ecosystem damage caused by overfishing and destructive fishing methods;

2) Widespread appreciation of our natural heritage and non-lethal exploitative and benign management of marine resources;

3) Curtailing of ocean noise and other forms of pollution;

4) The establishment of ship traffic regulations to reduce the risk of collision with large cetaceans.



Cetacean Alliance is the outcome of a long-term, friendly collaboration among its individual members. After many years of working together with unwavering passion and determination to protect whales and dolphins, we realised that the time had come to join forces and create a framework to support new conservation and research initiatives.

We are all disturbed by the lack of conservation action to counteract the increasing degradation of marine ecosystems. The decline of cetacean populations under our eyes is a source of sorrow and discontent.

We suggest that much of the most significant research and conservation work conducted in the Mediterranean region has been done by committed individuals used to operate on a shoestring budget. More often than not, these individuals work for non-profit non-governmental organisations that rely heavily on volunteer work and on the enthusiasm and creativity of their collaborators.

Cetacean Alliance aims to document the joint efforts by its member organisations, disseminate information, raise awareness, promote marine conservation and ultimately facilitate the recovery of dolphins and whales living in Mediterranean waters.



The Alliance will be integrated by non-profit, non-governmental organisations with an experience in cetaceans, and with an interest in biodiversity and marine resources conservation. Organisations directly involved in the exploitative use of cetaceans or otherwise supporting or legitimating the captive industry cannot join this Alliance.

Alliance member organisations may be based on any country or territory, and no organisation may be excluded from the Alliance by reason of nationality, race, religion, language or gender of its affiliates. New members in the Alliance must be approved by the Steering Group.

Alliance members will be expected to share with the Coordinator, to the extent possible, any public information and private intelligence related to the objectives of the Alliance, to provide periodic reports on their activities, and to assist with joint activities of the Alliance as requested by the Coordinator. Members of the Alliance will not be expected to agree on all issues or to work jointly on anything other than achieving the objectives of the Alliance.

Alliance member organisations seek to achieve, through mutual cooperation, conservation results that are more significant and effective than what may be achieved by members individually.

Member organisations join the Alliance with the aim of working together in a framework of trust and mutual cooperation.

Alliance members shall treat as confidential all the information shared within the Alliance that is defined as restricted.

Membership to the Alliance by no means restricts each member organisation’s autonomy, nor represents any obstacle for the development of cooperation agreements between members.

The Alliance network is based on shared values and the understanding that some tasks can be accomplished together that could never be accomplished separately. While one of the purposes of this network is simply to remind its members that they are not alone, members are expected to communicate effectively, actively collaborate and produce timely contributions to meet the purposes of the Alliance.

The Alliance will seek to increase the effectiveness of communication among its members, and create opportunities to meet and strategise. The network will be managed by a Coordinator who, as the central contact point, will be responsible for information gathering among network members as well as from external sources and for providing regular updates.