In our daily life we produce an amazing quantity of garbage. A large part of it includes valuable resources such as paper, glass and plastic.

If recycling is possible where you live, it would be advisable to take advantage of the existing opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment.

It might feel frustrating to separate the plastic from supermarket packaging, store it at home, and dispose of it properly... while whole metropolises and huge industries from around the world do not recycle anything at all. What difference can it make if you recycle your bus ticket?

And yet, you personal effort does make a difference, and it will be an encouragement for others to do the same.

Nobody did worse than he who did nothing for fear he could only do a little.

- attributed to Edmund Burke


Something simple: When you go shopping, bring your own bag or purse.

If someone insists to give you a plastic bag, kindly refuse and if appropriate explain that plastic has considerable environmental and other costs. Moreover, plastic bags often end up in rivers or in the sea, and can threaten aquatic animals including cetaceans and sea turtles.


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